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Rossiter System Session - coach applying pressure to client's shoulder area

A two person stretching session where the Rossiter coach applies pressure with a foot while the client (person in charge) moves through specific movements to release tight areas in the body. Rossiter sessions are typically shorter than Pilates sessions as the releases are designed to give you quick relief and results.

For more information, please visit the Rossiter system website.

Discounted trial session

$40.– includes 3 - 4 techniques

Rossiter Introduction: Allow up to 50 minutes as the 1st session includes paperwork for health history, assessment and introduction of Rossiter techniques and method.

Recurring sessions

$50.– includes 4 - 6 techniques

Recurring sessions are priced based on the amount of techniques used during the session. Each session will run around 30 minutes depending on how many techniques are used. Typically, the body will have longer lasting results if a couple of sessions are done close together instead of a longer session with too many techniques at one time.

To schedule a Rossiter Session, please contact us!

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